A while ago I started using the website for assistance in migrating my last OS X environments to free software alternatives. The site provides a great overview of friendly alternatives to proprietary software and from the beginning I recommended it highly to my friends. The site has developed and become even better since.

Only the other day did I see who is behind the site. To my surprise and delight, it is Peng Zhong, a very talented freelance designer who has done projects both for my own company and for friends of mine. Most importantly, he created the design for and I happen to like it a lot. He was also contracted by Artilect to design and he later did some great work on the Scrive website.

I don't exactly know Peng (despite having worked together in multiple projects, we have never spoken to each other), but I think that he is obviously a good guy. Please support him if you can, e.g. by making a bitcoin donation or by contributing code, translations etc!

In any case, make sure to check out the site - it is a gold mine!